What is the Air Force Junior ROTC program?

The Air Force Junior ROTC Prgram at Westwood High school is available to all enrolled students at Westwood High School.

What is the purpose of JROTC? The purpose of the pgoram is to promote leadership, citizenship and character among today's youth.  It is NOT a military recruiting program.
How much does it cost? Participation in AFJROTC is FREE.  Uniforms are provided free of change.  The trips we take are paid through school funds, donations and fundraising.
Can I take ROTC classes even if I am in a Business or the STEM Acadamey? Absolutely!  The ROTC program at Westwood is part of the Public Service Academy, but classess are open to all students in ALL academies and you can graduate with endorsements from more than one academy.
Does ROTC count as a Physical Education (PE) course? Yes.  When you enroll in Air Force Junior ROTC at Westwood High School, you are enrolled in a class that satisfies your PE requirement.